10 Ridiculously Expensive things Bought by People but WHY?

Top 10 Ridiculous Things Bought By Billionaires

1) Ever wondered what the really rich people of planet earth spend their cash on? There is more to it than just big houses, expensive cars and yachts. The day to day things us poor normal folk would buy get blinged up, they get souped up and most of all, they get priced up…A LOT! We take a look at the most insanely stupid things bought by billionaires

2) A Golden Backpack – In 2009, Billionaire Boys Club released their limited 4-piece-only series of gold rucksack. Available for $1,650, the backpack featured the brands diamond/dollar monogram pattern all-over it. They sold all 4 of them almost immediately.

3) The third useless things only rich people can buy has to be
Elvis Presley’s Lock of Hair , what are you spouse to do with that? useless – Elvis’ barber kept locks of the singer’s hair and after Presley’s death, he started to sell them. In November 2002, one of the locks was sold for $115,000 at an online auction. He has since been able to retire from the earnings.

4) Luxury Ice – A California-based company, Gläce Luxury Ice Co produces perfectly square ice blocks for “minimum dilution and maximum cooling”. Hand-carved and completely clear, these cubes are sold in bags of 50 and each bag costs $325. Just to drill that home….frozen water costing $325. its a billionaire wives favourite i have heard

5) most ridiculous things bought by billionaires has to be a Luxury Frisbee – An increasingly popular sporting item, a Frisbee usually doesn’t cost more than a few dollars, that is unless you pick the one produced by Geoffrey Parker. Made from premium leather, this flying disc will cost you about $305. Imagine throwing this one into a river!!

6) Gold iPhone – Stuart Hughes is a British jeweller who created an iphone 5 model that is the world’s most expensive. The price is a staggering $16m and is made from 24 carat gold with 26 carat black diamonds and 600 other precious stones.

7) Billionaire Spending does not just top on gadgets and jewelry they spend it on food too like this White Truffle Pizza – At Maze restaurant in London, owned by Gordon Ramsey, is the home to the most expensive pizza available today. Its topped with onion puree, fontina cheese, mozzarella, pancetta, mushrooms, lettuce and a rare Italian white truffle. Or you could just to to Domino’s

8) Crystal Mouse – No, not a pet mouse, this computer mouse is 1000x more expensive than a regular gaming mouse and comes in at $34,000. The reason it’s so highly priced is because of the Swarovski crystals covering it

9) Gold Bike – The bike covered in a solid layer of 24 carat gold, the company responsible are Goldgenie, they are ones who specialise in the customization of luxury items. This racer will set you back $500,000 but it is truly exquisite.

10) Next time you at a high end bar and a billionaire Offers To Buy you a drinks, keep your eyes open just in case it’s one of those Gigi’s Cocktail – This cocktail was created for actress Grace Jones at the opening of Gigi’s restaurant. It is made from a mix of 1990 Vintage Cristal.


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